Know The Question. Be The Answer

2 09 2009

Be The Answer… HomePage

It isn’t a slogan.  It’s not a company.  It’s not a place.

It’s 62,000 friends, colleagues, families.  It’s growing everyday.

It’s a MOVEMENT.  It’s you.

What Be The Answer does depends on you.  It’s only a Movement if you move.  If you do nothing, Be The Answer does nothing.  If you do anything, something, everything, Be The Answer can keep a child from being orphaned and bring a family to every child.

Empower yourself and others to use your talents and resources to make positive change for the forgotten, the uncounted, the  children who are living outside of permanent parental care, or are at risk of becoming an orphan.

Watch the video.  Find resources.  Get the word out.  Lead.  VolunteerDonate.

Join The Movement.

Be The Answer

We hope this blog will become a community forum, so let us know what you think so far.




3 responses

8 09 2009
Lisa Brotherton

Great work!
I look forward to answering those questions for years to come.

8 09 2009

Great campaign. As am adoptive parent it is a cause I support 100%. Have posted about it on my blog and on my facebook page and will do more as we can.
Thanks and keep it up!

11 09 2009
Ahn Wan

I am glad to see any organization bringing more attention to children deprived of parental care.
Please talk about the Hague treaty, which will hopefully bring transparency to the adoption process.

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